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Om Travel Agency’s business strategy will revolve around the need to provide quality service accompanied with excellent customer service to its esteem clientele by recruiting a professional team that can enhance the provision of good quality customer – designed travel packages. Our marketing campaign is aimed to improve the way we do our business and also raise awareness of our services in the niche markets that we target. Om Travel as a company will establish a clear cut advantage in an increasing and competitive market environment. Our marketing materials will be professionally served as a quality commercial travel solutions provider, thus prioritizing our customer needs for enjoyable and reliable service deliveries. We intend to provide the following objectives:

To provide excellent customer service with consistency in a reliable and relaxed environment.

To contribute positively and meaningfully to our environment while being responsible for our actions.

To establish a market presence that ensures a profitable growth and success within a growing travel industry.

To support like minded developments within the travel industry and contribute to the local economy.