River tours or cruise, bush and beach safaris, rural and community excursions and border crossings to Senegal etc.

Travel tips to the Gambia


The Gambia is regarded as one of the smallest countries in mainland Africa. It lies between latitudes 13 degrees and 14 degrees north of the Equator. It is found on the tropical sub-saharan and sahelian peninsular of the West African region and has a distinct climate with four months of the year as wet season (rainy season), while the remainder as dry season. The dry season is characterized by uninterrupted sunshine, a perfect reason why holiday makers scramble to adventure its beautiful landscapes with a diverse ethnicity and cultural heritage. The Gambia’s unique selling proposition is perhaps its people who are generally hospitable and culturally laid back hence its social fabric.

The Gambia is described as the “Smiling Coast of Africa” simply due to the peace and tranquility it champions on the continent. We have a diverse range of activities from pleasure driven to sometimes getting you off the beaten track that you can do while in the Gambia: These include.

Culture: Museums, Art galleries, Craft markets, Kunta Kinte Island, Wassu stone circles and Tanji Fishing Village etc.

Sports: Football frenzy, Golf, cycling, swimming, table tennis, horse riding, camel riding, jet skiing, wind surfing and Fishing etc

Nature Exploration: Bird watching, Abuko Nature reserve, kiang west national park, Nuimi National park, River Gambia National park and the Bijilo Forest park or Makasutu Culture Forest are the few highlights etc.

Business: Includes Conferences and Banquets, cultural events, weddings etc.

Adventure: River tours or cruise, bush and beach safaris, rural and community excursions and border crossings to Senegal etc

Relaxation: Beauty salons, hair braiding and massage parlors etc.

Night Life and Ambiences: This include Gambia Night Life i.e. Bars and Night clubs, Gambling, Casinos, Live band entertainments, and Fine dining etc


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And a lot more activities that are hard to resist for a traveler or holiday maker. The Gambia also shares the same time zone with European countries on the GMT such as the UK. Its economy depends on Agriculture with 70% of its population depending on this sector for food, while Tourism is the second highest income earner contributing over 12% GDP. It was colonized by Britain and as such remains an English speaking nation.